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Cabin baggage

You are allowed to bring 1 piece of cabin baggage with you on board the aircraft. Because this item needs to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead lockers‚ it is limited to a maximum weight of 10 kilograms and maximum dimensions of 47.5 x 35 x 20 centimeters. These dimensions represent the outermost dimensions including any handles‚ wheels or other appendages.

Air Antwerp reserves the right to check any piece of cabin baggage to see whether it complies to these limitations and refuse to carry the item in the cabin if it is either too large or too heavy. For safety reasons‚ cabin baggage may never be stored on a seat‚ in the aisle‚ in the galley or in the restroom aboard the aircraft. If your baggage does not fit under the seat or in the overhead compartments‚ it will be removed from the cabin. 

When a flight is heavily booked or many passengers are carrying voluminous items‚ the Air Antwerp flight crew may decide to limit the amount of cabin baggage items allowed on the flight. If insufficient volunteers are found to surrender their cabin baggage‚ both airport and flight crew have the right to demand a passenger to do so. Refusal of a passenger to comply with crew's instructions may result in the passenger being denied boarding the aircraft.

Cabin baggage that is not allowed in the cabin‚ will be labeled and put in the aircraft hold as checked-in baggage. Air Antwerp will make every effort to return this item to you at the bottom of the aircraft stairs upon arrival at the destination airport. When this is not possible‚ you can retreive your baggage at the baggage reclaim carrousel in the airport terminal.

You can bring the following personal items on board in addition to the cabin baggage allowance: 

  • Small ladies purse
  • Coat
  • Umbrella
  • Walking stick
  • Camera‚ movie camera‚ binoculars
  • Laptop‚ tablet
  • Crutches‚ orthopaedic devices for disabled customers


Checked-in baggage

All items not carried by a passenger in the cabin‚ have to be checked-in for the flight and will be put in the cargo hold of the aircraft. As a part of your flight booking‚ you are allowed to check-in baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kilograms‚ regardless of the amount of individual pieces. The sum of the dimensions of each item (height + width + depth) may not exceed 158 centimeters‚ including all handles‚ wheels and other appendages. If an item of baggage exceeds these limitations Air Antwerp will charge an additional fee upon accepting it or‚ in some cases‚ Air Antwerp may refuse to accept it. Even when additional fees are paid‚ any single item of baggage can never exceed a weight of 32 kilograms or the maximum dimensions of 53 x 56 x 127 centimeters. The total combined weight of baggage for 1 passenger‚ can never exceed 50 kilograms.

If you would like to check in more than 1 item for your flight‚ you are able to purchase additional baggage allowance via the Air Antwerp website both during the initial booking process or afterwards (via "Manage my booking"). For a fee you will be able to add extra pieces of baggage to your reservation. The aforementioned size and weight limitations will apply to every individual piece of baggage. In the event additional baggage can no longer be booked online‚ you can contact customer service (click here).     

Air Antwerp strives to make all precautions to ensure the safety and security of your baggage. Nevertheless‚ we strongly advise that passengers do not pack valuable‚ fragile or important (medication‚ travel documents‚ identity documents) possessions in their checked baggage. In addition‚ we recommend to remove any old baggage tags and stickers that may result in the item being routed to an incorrect destination. 

Baggage to be checked in needs to be properly packed and delivered at the relevant check-in or drop-off desk at the airport before the check-in closure times (see check-in information here). Air Antwerp and its partners reserve the right to refuse the following items:

  • Damaged items
  • Fragile items
  • Perishable items
  • Items that risk spilling its contents
  • items that risk causing damage to the aircraft‚ handling equipment or airport infrastructure
  • Items that are delivered after the check-in closure deadline        

Under exceptional circumstances Air Antwerp and its partners may opt to accept items they would normally refuse‚ under the condition that the passenger signs a Limited Release Form. By signing this form‚ the passenger acknowledges to indemnify Air Antwerp for any existing damage or future damage‚ delay or loss.


Fragile items

Air Antwerp allows fragile or perishable items that meet baggage allowance standards as cabin baggage or checked-in baggage‚ as long as they are packaged in the original factory-sealed container‚ include internal protective packing material and are typically designed for shipping. If there is reasonable doubt that any of these conditions are not met‚ Air Antwerp will only accept the item upon completion of a Limited Release Form at check-in that limits Air Antwerp’s liability.

Assistive devices for passengers with reduced mobility (such as wheelchairs or orthopaedic devices) will be accepted regardless of the packaging. However‚ Air Antwerp reserves the right to complete a Limited Release Form noting any pre-existing damage.

Musical instruments and sporting equipment that exceed the cabin baggage allowance limits or that the passenger wishes to check in‚ should always be booked at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Please contact Air Antwerp customer services (click here) for additional information. An additional fee will be charged to compensate for the extra care required in handling these baggage items. Other than that these special items abide by the standard hold baggage allowance rules. Make sure that all fragile items are properly packed in a suitable hard case for transport. If required‚ Air Antwerp will only accept the item upon completion of a Limited Release Form.

Under special circumstances Air Antwerp may accept high-value items to be taken into the cabin of the aircraft if these items exceed the weight or dimension limits (such as a cello for example). One or more additional seats will need to be booked on top of the passenger’s own booking to accommodate this item. Please contact Air Antwerp customer services (click here) if you have a particular request.