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Due to safety concerns and specific constraints of its aircraft‚ Air Antwerp can unfortunately not accept animals to travel on board its flights. An exception is made for service/assistance dogs that are certified and individually trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability. 

Please note the following limitations for accepting dogs on Air Antwerp flights:

  • If a customer cannot provide credible verbal assurances that the dog has been individually trained or is able to perform certain tasks or functions to assist the customer with his or her disability‚ staff may ask for documentation to verify that the dog is indeed a service animal.
  • Service dogs in training do not yet meet the legal definition of service dog and therefore airlines are not required by law to carry these dogs in the cabin.
  • Maximum of one dog per customer.
  • Only dogs with a proper behaviour in public settings are accepted.
  • Dogs must be harnessed and attached throughout the flight to the seat belt or seat structure but they are not asked to wear a muzzle.

Reservation and departure

Always make a separate reservation for your service animal via customer services (click here). We strongly advise to make your dog's booking as soon as possible and at the latest 48 hours before departure. Try to walk your dog as close to departure as possible and arrive at the airport sufficiently on time to allow for you to pass through the security and passport checkpoints with your dog. 


Travel documents and health certificates

Please ensure you hold all health and customs documentation required by local legislation at the country of destination. Be sure to arrange vaccinations‚ travel documents and other important matters well in advance. To find out which documents are required and which rules apply to transporting your service dog‚ we recommend consulting the embassies of the countries of departure and arrival.

You can find more information on the following websites for travelling with animals to‚ from or within the European Union: European Commission regulations.

Some countries do not allow pets being transported to and/or from that country. For more information about these exceptions‚ please visit the website of IATA.