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Even though Air Antwerp takes pride in offering its passengers a punctual and reliable travel service‚ disruptions to the normal operating schedule cannot be completely avoided. In the event of flight delay or cancellation‚ Air Antwerp and its service partners strive to inform and assist you to the best of our abilities. In addition to e-mail and/or text message notifications to update you about the duration and the solution of the irregularity in operations‚ you will receive a brochure outlining your rights as a passenger for assistance and compensation. You can also download an electronic version of this brochure here.

We strongly advise you not to contact Air Antwerp customer services to request an update about the situation. Staff members at the airport have access to the most up to date information so please pay attention to all announcements they make or approach them with your questions.

Passengers that require their booking to be moved to another flight due to a cancellation or a denied boarding situation (see below)‚ are advised to await further information from Air Antwerp that will be delivered to you via e-mail‚ via text message or via a telephone call from our customer service agents. Staff at the airport will be unable to assist you with amending your reservation. Passengers that have not made their booking via the Air Antwerp website‚ are advised to contact the party with whom the reservation was completed (travel agent or codeshare airline).


Denied boarding

Air Antwerp takes every possible precaution to avoid passengers being denied from its flights. It is only on rare occasions that a seat may not be available at check-in on a flight for

which a customer has a confirmed reservation. Due to the limited length of the runway at both Antwerp Airport and London City Airport the payload on the flight may have to be restricted for safety concerns depending on weather conditions (temperature‚ precipitation and wind). This may mean that 1 or a few passengers will be denied boarding the flight even though they have a confirmed seat. Because weather conditions vary continuously‚ there is no way to reliably predict when such payload restrictions will occur.

In the exceptional situation where passengers are denied from the flight‚ they will be assisted by personnel at the airport and treated according to European Union policies explained above.  However‚ please note that in the following particular circumstances passengers are not eligible to claim compensation from Air Antwerp when they are refused travel:

  • Passengers whose disruptive behaviour is judged to be a threat to the safety of the flight.
  • Passengers under influence of alcohol‚ (illegal) drugs or medication that are deemed unsuitable to travel.
  • Passengers without a valid boarding card‚ reservation and/or proof of identity (more information on travel documents here).
  • Passengers that did not check in for the flight before check-in closure (more information here).
  • Passengers travelling on a discounted fare or a fare not accessible to the general public.   


Claims and complaints

If you wish to express a concern about any part of Air Antwerp’s product and service offering or if you have a grievance about something that occurred during your journey with Air Antwerp‚ please let us know by sending us a message through the contact form on this page.

Any rightful claims for compensation can be sent by e-mail to Please note that your claim will only be processed if it is submitted using the correct form and accompanied by any required supporting documentation. You can download an electronic copy of the claim form here. Please remember to add your bank account details (IBAN account number‚ BICC and name of account holder) in your message.