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Air Antwerp is duly aware of aviation's ecological footprint. Therefore we strive to keep the impact of our operations on the environment as low as possible.


Thanks to its cooperation with Greentripper‚ Air Antwerp proudly offers its passengers the possibility to compensate their flights' carbon footprint. By selecting this option in the booking process‚ you can make a financial contribution to neutralise the CO2 impact of your travel. The amount you donate represents the cost to compensate the emissions generated by your journey as calculated by Greentripper's CO2 calculator. All passenger donations are pooled and forwarded to Greentripper.  

We guarantee your contribution makes a difference and is used to support a certified CO2 reduction project in a developing country. Your donation enables a CO2 reduction in this project equal to the CO2 emitted by your travel. This reduction would not happen without your support. Because climate change is a global problem the same benefit for the planet is achieved if we reduce a ton of CO2 here or a ton of CO2 in these developing countries. The advantage for the planet is worth it.

Greentripper and its initiator CO2logic are verified by multiple organizations‚ including Forum Ethibel and Vinçotte. They offer over 12 years of experience and an excellent reputation in international climate advisory and climate project development. Greentripper has and develops climate projects with local NGOs in Uganda‚ Benin‚ Burkina Faso‚ Kenya‚ Togo & DRC; all are Gold Standard or UNFCCC certified. 

Thanks to CO2 compensation (also called ‘offsetting’)‚ we can develop local climate projects where they cannot finance it themselves. The objective of these projects is multiple: CO2 emissions reduction‚ local sustainable development and improvements to health‚ incomes and standard of living for households in developing countries.

As such Air Antwerp and Greentripper enable you to give back to nature‚ and more specifically to climate. Learn more about Greentripper and the supported climate projects‚ or about CO2 compensation in general on Greentripper's FAQ page.


In order to minimise the amount of waste created on our flights‚ Air Antwerp uses recyclable and/or biodegradable materials on its aircraft as much as possible. In addition‚ we are looking to outfit our pilots with electronic flight bags to diminish Air Antwerp's paper consumption. On the ground too‚ we aim to reduce our waste output by eliminating the use of paper as much as possible and substitute this with a digital alternative.